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DSG Mechatronic Unit

(Direct Shift Gearbox)


Many cars, mostly Volkswagens and Audis, have these unique advanced dual-clutch automatic transmissions. They have been around for a few years now and are hailed as an evolutionary step forward from the traditional transmission.

The mechatronic unit is a computerised control part of the dual-clutch system. It is complex and hard to troubleshoot when things go awry. When they do go bad, the dash will normally flash "PNDRS," and you will basically shut down wherever you are. You may be able to limp home in certain gears, or you may be stranded.

The mechatronics are housed in the gearbox, surrounded by special DSG oil. They make up the central control unit. All sensor signals and all signals from other control units come together at this point, and all actions are initiated and monitored from here.

VW has made over 1 million DSG transmissions. Most are working fine with no problems, as long as the owner maintains them by changing the fluid every 40,000 miles and properly filling them to the correct level.

At Essex Automatics we can firstly help you maximise the service life of your gearbox and mechatronic unit by carrying out a full gearbox service which includes Genuine DSG Oil and filter.

If your Mechatronic unit does fail, don't panic. We're here to help and rather face the costly repair of replacing the unit, in most cases, we're able to repair them.

All repair costs include our labour and a gearbox oil service to ensure any contamination that may cause future potential harm are removed ensuring you remain on the road and with a peace of mind.

Below is an example of one our fully re-built mechatronic units, which come with 12k miles - 12 months guarantee.

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