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Powershift Gearbox Specialists

Ford Kuga & Ford Galaxy

The Ford PowerShift is a six-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission produced by the Ford Motor Company.

The PowerShift gearbox is a joint development between Ford, Getrag, and Luk and was first introduced in Europe.


Both Volvo and Ford use wet clutches and hydraulic actuation. However, the new PowerShift gearbox used in the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus uses dry clutches and electric motor/solenoid actuation.

Common faults with the powershift gearbox include juddering, slipping of the clutch, erratic gear changes, loss of 'power', or a combination of the above.


To help you identify if you have a PowerShift Gearbox fitted to your vehicle with have tabled the below applications:



Volvo cars

All our PowerShift Gearboxes are fully re-manufactured professionally with genuine parts

which also includes a brand new clutch.

All PowerShift Gearboxes Re-Manufactured by us come with a 12k Miles or 12 Month Guarantee

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