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What we can do for you


Once your car is more than 3 years old, you need to have an MOT, It’s the law. The annual test makes sure that your car is road worthy, checking it meets safety and environmental standards.

We use local trusted MoT stations to carry out our MoT's so you can have confidence your vehicle is being inspected accurately.

An MOT with us costs £50, and

If your vehicle fails the test, we can carry out any repairs on site, and provide a re-test free of charge.


Every car needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road and running smoothly. In your vehicle handbook or maintenance guide, the manufacturer will have set out exactly what your vehicle needs at different stages in its life. 


We're happy to carry out any servicing requirements specific to your vehicle. On every service, we carry out a full inspection of your vehicle and will report to you any defects we may find and advise as to how urgent the repair is. Even if your vehicle is still under warranty, we’ll make sure all the strict guidelines are followed to ensure your warranty is unaffected.


We also have all diagnostic capabilities for accessing service information on your vehicle and resetting service indicators correctly. We are also registered for Electronic Service Record for vehicles that have an electronic 'Service Book'.


Here at Essex Auto's, not only do we pride ourselves in our extensive expertise in the transmission field, but we also carry out general repairs.


Whether your vehicle requires replacement brakes or something as simple as wipers and bulbs, From a Rover to a Rolls Royce, Essex Autos is your local one stop shop for all your needs.

Our staff will always look to complete your vehicle with a minimum delay whilst upholding a strict professional standard.

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Using the latest diagnostic tools we are able to communicate with your vehicles computer systems. Our diagnostic tools allow us to instantly diagnose your car with live data and different component testing equipment.


Along with seeing any malfunction codes that may arise, we are guaranteed to diagnose your issue. From simple problems such as misfiring to major issues such as your vehicle not starting, we have the ability to diagnose it with our educated and trained staff. 

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Genuine Specialists

Essex Automatics holds the accolades to call themselves specialists,

We have Fully Qualified Technicians either manufacturer trained or with years of experience in particular brands. We're proud to call ourselves specialists in VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Nissan, and Honda. 


With us you can rest assured you get all the knowledge and expertise of a main dealer, without the main dealer cost.


Air Conditioning

We are fully equipped to carry out Air Con Servicing.

We are able to provide both the older gas type and newer gas type (R1234) for both standard and hybrid vehicles.

Air conditioning is essential for both summer and winter (especially when de-misting windows)

We carry out a full air conditioning service unlike many other garages, and benefits include:

  • Full Vacuum (40 minutes essential for drying the system and make air con even colder)

  • UV dye inserted (essential for detecting leak)

  • Lubrication oil (for lubrication of the working air con components


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